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How Eve referrals work

Share Eve Exchange with your friends & clients
to earn impressive rewards

By referring users to us, you can earn rewards of up to 40% of every subscribed user’s monthly or annual payments, ongoing!

Affiliate rewards are broken down
into two tiers as follows:


20% rewards

Open to anyone

$4 per month per subscribed user

$38.38 per user (annual subscription)

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40% rewards

Requires application

$8 per month per subscribed user

$76.76 per user (annual subscription)

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Have a large network? Earn unlimited rewards

Earn unlimited & ongoing rewards promoting the world´s first purpose-built subscription exchange.

The Pro package will launch shortly after the exchange goes live (see Roadmap). Successful applicants will be required to deposit/hold 60,000 EVE as a loyalty token.

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Terms & Conditions:

All affiliates will need to agree to the general terms and conditions & affiliate terms and conditions, which will be made available here and within the platform. All affiliates must have a verified Eve account with KYC and pass AML checks. Payments made in EVE do NOT reward the affiliate.

Eve reserves the right to discontinue and set off an account’s referral rewards if such an account is violating our policies. Eve reserves the right to the final interpretation of the referral program and the right to modify it at any point.