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EVE Token Airdrop

Exclusively for the Crypto Hideout community


Free EVE Tokens + 2 months free membership

In collaboration with Crypto Hideout, we are Airdropping EVE Tokens, plus we will give all participants two months of free membership on the platform when we launch.

Keep reading for full details and how to participate.

$5,000 total prize pool & NFT giveaway

We are Airdropping the equivalent of $5,000 in EVE Tokens, split between two groups. And giving away an OG lifetime member NFT! Learn about our NFTs here.

Group 1: $2,000 prize pool

  • Complete simple tasks

Group 2: $3,000 prize pool

  • Complete simple tasks

  • Hold ≥5,000 EVE Tokens

Learn about Eve Exchange before taking part

The intention of this Airdrop is to encourage you to learn more about the project and become a valued member of our community. We love the Hideout group, and know that you will love our exchange!

We will ask a few simple questions about the project in the Airdrop form, which you must answer correctly to receive your portion of the prize pool.

You can learn more about the project by:

Reading through the website – Joining the AMAs in the Hideout chat – Listening to the Eve Exchange Podcast

Done your homework? Let´s get to it!

Airdrop tasks:

  1. Add EVE Token to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  2. Follow the CoinMarketCap Gravity account.
  3. Join our newsletter (you must confirm subscription).
  4. Follow our Twitter Profile

If you want a share of the larger prize pool and be in with a chance of winning the NFT, make sure to buy at least 5,000 EVE Tokens (you will be asked to provide proof), see here for where to buy.

Completed all the steps? Fill out your details in the form below.

The Airdrop is now CLOSED

Thanks for taking part.