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Why use Eve Exchange?

Eve brings together all the features necessary for individuals and businesses to harness the power of crypto, in a single low-cost platform.

One monthly fee – unlimited trading

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin & other crypto

  • Trade with ZERO fees*

  • Competitive pricing & reduced slippage

  • Institutional level depth and liquidity

  • Access market insights & analytics

*Only applies to subscribed users.

Free & instant user-to-user payments

  • Send crypto to friends and family

  • Instant for all supported coins/tokens

  • No long complicated address

  • No copy and pasting needed

  • Send using email or user ID

Spend crypto without converting to fiat

Eve bridges the gap between consumers, retailers and suppliers to connect crypto into the real world.

  • Buy from brands you know and love

  • Set up a store for your brand´s product

  • Buy or sell second-hand items


An enhanced trading experience

Simple trading – Buy and sell Bitcoin and other popular cryptos at highly competitive rates with no price slippage; the price you are quoted is the price you will receive.

Advanced trading – Trade popular pairs with charting and market/limit/stop orders. Our order books are deep and liquid thanks to order routing and top-tier market makers.

Market insights – To further enhance your trading experience, we integrate premium market intelligence and analytics right into the platform. Make better decisions with widgets powered by Intotheblock.


Simplify crypto with instant transfers

Just like you, we are tired of paying ever-increasing fees, dealing with long complicated addresses and waiting for confirmations. So, we have designed our system to credit and debit user accounts instantly for an effortless way to transfer crypto.

Few top exchanges provide these benefits because their internal systems cannot facilitate such transfers. In some cases, you cannot even send from your exchange wallet to another user of the same exchange.

Eve changes this for an easier, faster and cheaper way to transfer crypto.

The Marketplace

Spend crypto without converting to fiat

A built-in goods and services marketplace cuts out several costly and laborious steps that everyone has to go through to spend their crypto (converting to fiat, paying debit card fees, using multiple platforms etc.).

Furthermore, a marketplace opens the doors for countless opportunities and the possibility to create an entirely new economy where crypto is the default means of payment.

Imagine being able to spend your crypto profits without ever leaving the exchange where you trade and store it – this is our vision.


Generate yield on your crypto assets

Most platforms that offer crypto yield generation require you to lock/stake your assets for a predefined period, which could be 7 days, 30 days or even longer in some cases.

At Eve we offer yield generation on a variety of assets where all you need to do is opt-in, you will receive your yield on a regular basis and can continue to trade with the balance.

Like yield generation in traditional markets, yield opportunities enable holders to earn passive rewards on their crypto assets instead of waiting for the price to appreciate and then having to sell to take profits.