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Eve Exchange works on a subscription model where users pay a monthly fee instead of paying a commission each time they trade. Users will also benefit from free & instant user-to-user payments, yield generation and a marketplace for real-world goods.

By combining these features, we will change the way people trade and use crypto, your coin or token included!

The benefits of listing on Eve Exchange


We introduce you to industry-leading market makers to ensure a healthy liquid market for your coin/token.

Secure and insured

Eve wallets infrastructure is powered by the Fireblocks platform, funds are insured against wallet level hacks.

Special offers
for your community

We will create a special offer for you community, this could be a free trial membership and/or other opportunities.

Furthermore, because trading on Eve Exchange is commission-free for subscribed users, users are likely to trade your token more actively, and thus, increase the total traded volume.

How listing on Eve Exchange works

The typical listing experience is a lot of work, expensive and complicated. We know this from personal experience, so we have designed our processes to help you remain focused on what you do best.

From first contact to approval and go-live for trading, we have cut out all the fluff to make listing a breeze, and you might be pleasantly surprised at our fee structure.

Secure your listing now while our pre-launch offer lasts!

Contact us today for a hassle-free listing experience on the world’s first purpose-built subscription exchange.

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