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Eve Exchange aims to comply with regulations in the territories in which we operate. KYC/AML processes are in line with strict global regulations. All users must pass our verification in order to use services.
Eve North America is regulated by FinCEN as an MSB: 31000210534263, and in Canada by FINTRAC under MSB: M22737763.
Eve is undergoing regulation & registration in other territories as required.
Eve is not a bank, crypto assets are not fiat money (including stable coins), assets are not protected by any governmental insurance plan nor are they covered by any government compensation schemes.
Eve does not offer securities, margin, futures, trackers or leveraged products. Values of crypto assets can fluctuate with extreme volatility. Trade at your own risk. Eve does not provide financial advice or recommend trades.

The listing of tokens does not indicate any endorsement by Eve or our affiliates.
Analytical info is supplied by a third party and in no way should be considered trading advice.