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Pay your subscription with EVE

Save 30% on monthly subscription fees by paying with EVE and help reduce the circulating supply!

By default, subscriptions work on a monthly or annual (20% discount) basis; paid in stablecoins.

However, users can opt to pay annual subscriptions with the EVE Tokens for a 30% discount!

Every time a user pays their subscription with EVE, the tokens go to a dedicated wallet and are LOCKED FOREVER.

If just 1,000 users pay for an annual subscription with EVE. That´s $167,900 worth of EVE locked and off the market.

Now, imagine what happens if 100 thousand people pay with EVE!

Additional use cases

In addition to annual subscription payments, EVE is used for:

Staking Rewards

When you stake EVE, rewards are paid out in EVE tokens at 20% APY. There will also be special opportunities for those who stake EVE long term.

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Loyalty Bonuses

Pro affiliates can increase reward levels from 20% to 40% by depositing EVE as a loyalty token.

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Future EVE use cases

EVE tokens are similar to other exchange tokens such as FTX Token, but instead of just reducing trading fees, EVE can be used to eliminate them entirely.

Trade for FREE forever with a Lifetime Member NFT.

As Eve Exchange develops, there will be lots of additional uses in the ecosystem:


Certain features and products in the exchange will be discounted when using EVE to pay.

Surety Bond

New users will be required to lock EVE as collateral to sell their products in the marketplace.

Listing Collateral

Other projects will be required to purchase and lock EVE to list their token on the platform.

EVE token supply and tokenomics

EVE is an ERC-20 compliant token, with the circulating supply bridged to Polygon.

Only 100 million EVE tokens exist, and of those only 40 million are in circulation.

The remaining 60 million tokens are currently locked (see here), gradually some of these tokens will be released into circulation to sustain the below activities.


Humanitarian activities which leverage EVE solutions to increase economic freedom and abundance in areas that need it most.


Staking and other rewards for active community members as well as giveaways and marketing activities that help grow the community.


Incentives for team members & strategic partners (communities, other projects & corporates). Always based on long term commitment.

Exchange Beta testing is underway with public launch coming soon!

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EVE Polygon contract address: 0xaE29AC47A9E3b0a52840E547aDf74B912999F7fc

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