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The Economy Evolved

We revolutionize the exchange model by offering unlimited trading for one low fee per month. In addition, Eve is a global e-commerce solution making hundreds of cryptocurrencies easily spendable on real goods and services. 

Our Features

All in one crypto platform

Gone are the days of confusing & costly trading fees. With one subscription, trade unlimited volume. Use the EVE token to save more or trade for FREE.

Sending crypto to anyone, anywhere in the world has never been easier. We’ve removed long addresses and cut out network fees. All payments are instant and FREE for all users.

Set up an e-commerce store quickly and easily. Eve bridges the gap between consumers, retailers, suppliers and service providers to help connect crypto into the real world and become spendable.

Safely store 100s of coins easily with our insured wallet solution by Fireblocks. Sleep well knowing your crypto is secured by the world’s leading wallet infrastructure provider. FREE for all users! 

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Built for the future

Eve is an all-encompassing ecosystem with everything you need as a crypto user. It will bring the community together to help crypto become more integrated throughout society. 
Built for the future, Eve Exchange is the economy evolved.

New to crypto?

Our platform makes buying and selling crypto simple without any learning curve. Our battle-tested security means you can feel safe without concerns about hacking.

Helping the unbanked.

Globally over 1.7 Billion people are unbanked. Eve helps these communities by offering a secure, safe and free e-commerce solution. Users can sell items, offer services, and buy things they need, locally or globally without any need for a bank.

Send and Store 100s of cryptos for free.

Securely store crypto and send crypto for no cost! Eve provides each user with an insured Fireblocks wallet to deposit funds, you can send these funds to other eve users for no cost. We make it easy.

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Did You Know…

The average trader is spending $100+ each month on fees (over $1200 a year). 
Eve will put a smile on your face by helping you trade more whilst paying less!

Pricing & comparison

Eve uses a simple subscription model, rather than the pay per trade model.



FREE use of the platform

Great for anyone wanting to:

  • Store crypto safely.

  • Make free transfers to contacts.

  • Trade (0.25% fee buy/sell).

  • Monitor crypto prices

  • Buy/sell items with crypto.



Pay $19.99 (in crypto) for a 30-day subscription.

All the benefits of Basic, plus:

  • Unlimited trading with zero fees

  • Access to market insights & analytics

  • Discounted marketplace fees.



Purchase lifetime membership for a one-off price before we launch.

All the benefits of Silver, for life!

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30 Day Volume
Fees Fees Fees Silver Gold
$10,000 $35 $16 – $23 $7.5 $19.99 FREE
$50,000 $75 – $125 $80 – $130 $37.5 $19.99 FREE
$100,000 $100 – $200 $140 – $240 $75 $19.99 FREE

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